With a dual nationality (Romanian and American), he started playing tennis in Chicago when he was four and since then he has not stopped playing. Don’t miss the opportunity to get to know him better.

Andrew PUSCAS is one of the most promising young names in Equelite. He has been in the academy for over two years, and after a hard year due several injuries, he is now ready to play again and stand out at the ITF Junior Circuit.

You have been in the academy a couple of years. What do you like most? What pushed you to continue here?

I consider this academy very professional, coaches are great, they encourage me to improve my tennis skills as well as a person every day by using the psychology, which is so important in tennis, and they have helped me to calm down even when things don’t go as I expected.

Have you got a tennis player as a reference?

Federer (he answered without any doubt, explaining that his backhand has inspired him a lot)

Which are your objectives for this season?

I couldn’t play last year because of the injury, but I hope to improve a lot and get closer to the top 100 junior.

Season is starting very soon. Which will be your first tournament?

I am attending Marca in Seville, I should have confidence in the national circuit first, but the idea is to pay ITFs junior as soon as possible. Also, I would like to play futures.

You have a racquet contract with HEAD, and have just signed another one with the clothing brand DURUSS. What do you think about sponsorships? Are you happy with them?

Before my injury I was doing a good performance, so the academy set me up with a HEAD contract. Besides, they have helped me to get DURUSS contract, they have pretty good stuff. But about racquets I have always played with HEAD speed, during the preseason my coach and I thought of changing it, but in the end we decided to keep with this one because is the one which best suits on me, and among other things it is the strongest