Additional information

  • Private tennis training: technical, tactical, mental and physical.
  • Accommodation in the same facilities of the academy where part of the staff also resides: Coaches, workers … Juan Carlos Ferrero and Antonio M. Cascales.
  • Accommodation in a single room with its own bathroom.
  • Full board of 5 meals a day. The menus are prepared by experts, with the support of our physical trainers and nutritionists. Based on this, our chefs develop Mediterranean and international dishes. The personal trainer will supervise the good nutrition of the player.
  • Training with the Playsight smart track technology system.
  • Injury diagnosis and treatment service in our physiotherapy clinic.
  • Free use of all Equelite facilities.
  • Periodic performance of physical, psychological and technical tests.
  • Reports.
  • Daily Psychological Work – My Mental Game Coaching in competitions.
  • The accompaniment to the tournaments will be in groups. You can check the possibility of the coach travelling individually with the player by contacting

  • Laundry.
  • Stringing.
  • Additional private classes.
  • Tournament expenses.
  • Health insurance

The schedule is determined according to the player’s ability and needs. The usual schedule will be
two tennis and two physical shifts. The coach, in accordance with his player, will determine
with him changes in the schedules: a single but longer tennis turn, specific preparation of the
physical aspect, breaks, introduction of sessions with the physiotherapist and / or the psychologist,
matches, etc.


  • 1434€/week per week of personalized training and accommodation with full board

Program description

The academy offers the possibility of receiving a adatptation training to competition with private practices. A personalized program in which the training on the court will be private. A specific coach will work with the player, focusing on improving all aspects: technique, tactics, physical and mental.

The program will be adapted to the needs of each player and will last a minimum of 6 weeks in which the player’s set-up will be worked on and the fulfillment of specific objectives established in the first weeks.

General Information