Pablo Carreño is leading a month full of great news for JC Ferrero-Equelite


JC Ferrero-Equelite is in luck for over a month an a half. Firstly, Pablo Carreño got his first title of the year in May, after that, he did a great performance in Roland Garros and now he has reached his best position in the ATP ranking (world no 17) 
Only his injury can dampened the good results that our players are getting at the start of the summer. We hope he can recover from it very soon and we could see him again in Wimbledon, good luck Pablo! As we said, apart from the great results of Pablo, we have to congratulate other players from the academy too.
First of all, the victory of Oliver Jevtovic, Patel Dhyan, Pablo López, Raluca Puscas in different national tournaments, as well as, the good performance in several international tournaments. Also, we are so glad for the promotion to first division for our beginners and children’s teams.
Secondly, Alberto Berbegal got his first ATP point, and Jordan Correia who after some good tournaments, has increased his ATP ranking in 100 positions. His last trophy was in a Future $15.000 in doubles, together with another Equelite player Carlos Boluda-Purkiss, who also was finalist in other two Futures. Regarding Mario Vilella, we must congratulate him for having reached the 4th final in a row this season.
To conclude, Lara Panfilov got her third main draw (out of three different tournaments) in a $15.000, also Carlos Sánchez (Under 16 European and Spanish champion) won his first ITG (G2) of the year, improving his position and consolidating a possible attendance at Wimbledon junior.
Great results and great news for the Equelite team, who attempts to keep growing. We are excited to see what is yet to come this season.