The two Spaniards have reached the final among over 30 nationalities. 

The most important international tournament  in Spain is coming to an end, and we have representatives in each final (women’s and men’s). Alejandro Davidovich has made the same result as last year, and gets the final in very good physical conditions. On the other hand, the Belgian Zizou Bergs and the Irish Simon Carr played in a great match, where Carr defeated Bergs in the third set. So the final will be played by Davidovich and Carr.

Regarding the women’s final, we expect to see a great match due to the levels of the players, Eva Guerrero and Olga Danilovic. Guerrero gets the final after 14 consecutive victories, while Danilovic has already won the double title together with Irina Cantos. She got her first WTA title as well.

The men’s double final was between Nicolas Alvarez Verona and Alberto Colas against De Jong and Nijboer, a tight match (7-6 7-5) the spaniards couldn’t win the match. So we have to wait till tomorrow to see if a Spanish player can achieve the title.