With Pablo Carreño’s victory in Montreal, its players have won half of the Master1000 played this season


Pablo Carreño has made history this morning by winning his first Master 1000 category tournament. The excellent level shown throughout the week has allowed him to climb to 14th place in the ATP ranking in a season that he himself recognized was “not being good”. The man from Gijon finally managed to show his very high tennis and reach it with the continuity that he lacked for the rest of the season, in which he showed moments of great level but that did not end up reflecting in the results.

Although Pablo has achieved great results (Olympic medalist, Grand Slam semi finalist and several Singles and Doubles titles) this is the top category tournament that he has won. Thus, the Equelite Academy led by Juan Carlos Ferrero, where Carreño has been training for more than five years, is once again in luck. And it is that this is the seventh Master 1000 that adds a player being under its tutelage.

Not only that, but this year they monopolize the Master 1000 having been victorious in half of those played so far. To the Montreal Master 1000 achieved by Carreño, we must add the victories of Carlos Alcaraz in Miami (the first Spaniard to achieve it) and Madrid. Ferrero himself won the Master 1000 in Madrid, and three others, when he was still an Academy player, and not a coach and main sports reference of the same as he is today.

“It’s something amazing. We have been working for almost 30 years to achieve goals like this. We have achieved very good results and have helped many players to reach the professional circuit, but the fact that our players, have achieved such high-level victories in such a short time says a lot about the good work we are doing. We have to continue on this path because we have young players with a lot of potential who trust us. This is a motivation to continue working and seek to continue growing together” says Ferrero himself.