Establish different protocols to ensure everyone’s safety. Players who are staying must take the test.


JC Ferrero-Equelite Sport Academy is one of the most recognised tennis academies in the world. Among its players, we can highlight Pablo Carreño-Busta or Carlos Alcaraz, one of the most promising tennis players nowadays. This unprecedented time has made the situation extremely difficult for the youngest players, due to the lockdown and the border closure some of the players of the academy haven’t trained at all for a couple of months.

We are not the only academy that has been affected by this situation. The tennis world is facing lots of closed clubs that are starting to reopen in the first stage of the new normality. “We are used to having many people in our academy that not only come to play tennis but also to make use of our services as the physiotherapist, gym, the restaurant, etc. It will be so difficult to cope with the new reality” says the ex no.1.

“We have opened doors this week under strict rules and following all the authorities’ advices: visit-by-appointment system, taking the temperature and disinfect hands, shoes sole and any other surface. Besides, we have limited different areas of the academy for the external people to avoid any contact with our players that are living here and are about to start the preseason” relates Ferrero from the academy where lives and train every day.

“Since next week, and under indications of the government, we are planning the entrance of new players. The Covid-19 test will be compulsory for those who want to visit us in order to guarantee the security of our players. In addition, our employees are going to be tested before returning to their jobs”

“Our objective is to guarantee a safe environment for all our clients. We are firmly convinced to carry out our Summer Stage, even though the enrolment is less than other years” says Ferrero, who also expect to have foreign visitors “they are about 70% of our clients”



Every player or relative who comes to the academy to stay in or participate in some of our programmes: Short-term Competition, Adult Program, Summer Stage.

The program should be booked at least 8 days in advance. The program will have a duration of a week (minimum).

It is compulsory to have the Covid-19 test done. The test should guarantee 95% of efficiency and should be done no more than 24 hs in advance.

If the test is done in your hometown, the results should arrive at the academy at least 48 hs before the starting of the program. On the contrary, the test will not be accepted and will have to be repeated in the clinic of the academy.

If you desire to have the test in our clinic, please inform us when the booking is made. In this case, the arrival should be on Sunday from 16 hs or the same Monday before 13 hs. The test will be done on Monday morning and the result will come in 24 hs.

During the 24h of awaiting, you will be able to start your program but you will have additional security measures; no contact with our clients or employees, limited areas and mask every moment.

During the stay, it is recommended the use of the mask, keep the security distance and follow our indications.

It will be forbidden to share: towels, bottles, racquets, etc. In case you feel any sign of the virus as fever.