Juan Carlos Ferrero has visited the Berjuan doll factory located in Onil to know firsthand the Tempitos campaign, of which he is a supportive ambassador. In collaboration with the TEMPO foundation, Juan Carlos has sponsored this non-profit social action that aims to raise funds to support the most needy sectors.

This social action consists of the creation of Tempitos dolls by Berjuan and the collection of these are destined for the TEMPO foundation with the aim of helping people at risk of exclusion, chronic, oncological or end of life processes.

JC Ferrero Campaña Tempitos

The campaign of Tempitos dolls was born from TEMPO during the accompaniments where they observed a pattern in the children’s handicrafts and their drawings, appearing the butterfly very frequently in them when transmitting their messages and wishes to their relatives. This is how the Tempitos are born, characterized by their butterfly wings. In addition, they wear on their heads different ribbons of colors that represent the “faces of solidarity” involved in this project. Through the Tempitos they want to transmit, to young and old, a transforming message that reaches many families and teaches them to see in a different way the natural end-of-life processes.

Juan Carlos Ferrero is again involved in this kind of social actions as usual and through the Ferrero Foundation always showing support to the most disadvantaged people and sectors.