JC Ferrero-Equelite Sports Academy started a project a year ago based on the incredible global growth that padel is developing. This is how an JCF Sanyo Padel Academy has been developed parallel to the tennis one that has given rise to the First International Padel Academy in the world, understanding it as a training center for professionals with everything you need to train inside (courts, gym, physiotherapy, psychologists) and outside (school, accommodation, restaurant) of the sports field. The Padel Academy is proud to have both former number one and current three in male Sanyo Gutiérrez and female Paula Josémaría. Another Academy´s player to highlight is Agustín Gutiérrez, number 26 WPT, whose couple this season is going to be Lucho Capra.

The objective of this project, which already has 22 annual players from Spain, Argentina. Chile, Russia, Italy, Mexico and Sweden, is to make the Valencian Community stand out in this sport for many years to come; as it has been doing in tennis since the Academy was founded. This means the Academy already has the first players in the world who train and study in the same facilities, with the objective of becoming professional padel players as well as other players who are already settled in the professional circuit. The Academy has the annual and short-term training plans.

The JCF Sanyo Equelite Padel Academy receives young people worldwide who come to enjoy this experience. The increase in recent months of annual and short-stay players, both children and adults, is leading the Academy to expand the coaching staff and thus be able to maintain personalized service. The Academy could not grow so fast without the help of its main collaborators Head and Pádel Nuestro.