Ferrero Tennis Academy is located 5 minutes away from Villena and 30 minutes away from the Airport and beach of Alicante. The area of the Academy is 120.000 square metres, and is a perfect place for players to achieve their goals. We provide all the best facilities for our players. The best advantage of the academy is the excellent weather throughout the year.

The first highlight of the academy are its gardens, set around the courts and the main building. Once here you will notice the peace from every corner, because our academy is far from the freeway and the noises of the city. Enjoy our maximum quality courts, always ready for you to use thanks to our maintenance team which works to always keep the academy on point.


Ferrero Tennis Academy is recognised as one of the best tennis academies in the world. Accompanied by an excellent climate all year round, there are some magnificent facilities located strategically in order to make the concentration of the tennis players easier.

A large number of technical staff work day-to-day in the complex. Using a personal approach, a full team with WTA & ATP experience will cover all the possible needs of a tennis player.

A significant number of our young players dominate the national rankings in their respective categories, including international players such as Carlos Alcaraz (1 ATP) or Pablo Carreño (10 ATP).

While all this is marvellous, and we do consider ourselves the best in the field, it is true that other large academies also count on good facilities and trainers. Therefore, why choosing Ferrero?

Ferrero offers two things that no other academy in the world does and we are proud of it:

The first is that one of our first players from the academy managed to reach world Nº1. Juan Carlos Ferrero not only lives in the academy and knows personally every player, but also supervises training sessions and schedules and goes on court to help our players to achieve their goals.

The second is that the academy is characterised by its family environment since 25 years. We feel proud to present the academy as a great big family where players and staff live and learn together.

More than 25 years old making professional players
Life with an ATP nº1
More than 30 nationalities each year
Only Academy in Spain with Playsight
We are number 1 in innovation (Playsight, SVTA, Indiba…)
Be part of a big family
Great weather all year long

Legal information

The Academy has a collective insurance which covers bodily accidents because of the practicing and learning of tennis. All the players have it just for being players of the academy during the period of the program without additional cost. Unlimited medical care for an accident in FIATC centers; permanent disability and death until 18,030.36€.

The players and their guardians are aware that sports and social activities can lead to travel outside JCFERRERO-EQUELITE SPORT ACADEMY and any kind of travel involves certain risks; risks (negligent or otherwise) that assume, exemption from any liability that may arise from such risks to the Academy, collaborating companies, employees, coaches and other players.

We hereby expressly that players and their guardians resign to waive legal action against JCFERRERO-EQUELITE SPORT ACADEMY.

We proceed to explain you the economic regulation for tournaments:


  1. BUDGET: Parents/ Guardians of the player will receive a Budget with the approximate cost per player and tournament.
  2. PAYMENT: Once, they will have received the Budget, parents/guardians will do a bank transfer by the same amount to the banking account of Equelite ES79 2100 2291 7302 0002 7142 48 hours after receiving it, if not the player cannot play the tournament.
  3. END OF THE TOURNAMENT: Equelite will send an email to the parents/guardians of the player with an invoice in which the actual costs of the player during the tournament will be indicated.

If there is money left, the players/guardians of the player can choose between leaving this amount for other trips or recovering this amount of money.


  • The Budget of the tournament has to be paid as it is said at the point B
  • Payments of the academy must be fully up to date.


  1. INVOICING: Players/guardians of the players will receive a monthly invoice dated the last day of the month which will include, among other expenses, the tournaments without overnight stay that the player plays indicating the tournament, the date and the coach who went with the player.
  2. PAYMENT: The rules of payment of the academy has to be followed, it means that the invoice has to be paid before the 20th of each month.


  • Payments of other tournaments must be fully up to date
  • Payments of the academy must be fully up to date


The result of any failure of these rules will be that the player will not be allowed to go to tournaments.

The players and their guardians consent and authorize the underage can be photographed and videotaped, either at the academy or away, while they are participating in daily activities. We also consent and authorize the Academy and collaborating companies that can use, in the manner and time they deem appropriate, without any compensation these images without consent.

Once the registration has been signed and 25% of the total price of the course has been paid, the application will be considered formalized. The remainder of the payment must be paid fully, at least two weeks before the beginning of the course. In case of cancellation, the following refunds will be allowed:

  • If the cancellation is made four weeks before the start of the course, 100% of the amount paid will be refunded.
  • If the cancellation is made two weeks before and less than four weeks of the start of the course, 75% of the amount paid will be refunded.
  • If the cancellation is made less than two weeks before the start of the course, the money will not be refunded. The same rule will apply if the applicant leaves the course for whatever reason, even for illness and if the course has already started.
  • Any amounts not refunded may be used towards payment of a future course during the following calendar year.

VAT is included in all the prices.