From the last Monday 11th until Sunday 17th, JCFerrero-Equelite has held the Spain Children’s Team Championship by Regions 2017.

Sixteen Spanish regions have enjoyed and competed in this prestigious tournament in order to rise as the best Spanish Children’s team either in man or women categories.

They could play the qualifying round and a consolation round for those who couldn’t advance to the main draw. All of these matches were developed in a friendly environment so; both players and visitors could spend nice tennis days.

Regarding men’s category, Murcia were proclaimed champion, highlighting their No.1 Carlos Alcaraz, who has exhibited the highest tennis level of the tournament not giving his rivals any option. In the final match, Murcia won 2-1 against Aragón making themselves champions in the decisive point in doubles.

On the other hand, in the women’s category the C.Valenciana won in a tight final against Andalucía 2-1, making themselves also in the last point in doubles.

It has been a great tournament where we could see a high tennis level and an exceptional partnership among the regions.