Sin-título-1My Mental Game has been developed by JCFerrero-Equelite to guarantee a dynamic and continuous mental work of its players. sido específicamente desarrollada por JCFerrero – Equelite para garantizar un trabajo más dinámico y continuo del aspecto mental de sus jugadores. 

By means of a daily punctuation system, adapted to each player and a common ranking, our players can compare themselves with others, in order to understand their daily work, control their routines and continue to challenge themselves.

“We have created a definitive motivation programme”

Juan Carlos Ferrero


Defined as a motivation programme, My Mental Game offers statistics and graphics about many aspects.

Through a very simple and intuitive system which you can check the progression of the trainings.

Besides, apart from the tennis practice other aspects are evaluated, for instance the diet, the behaviour, rests or routines.

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