At the beginning of December OVB Spain gave talks on financial education to the young tennis promises that are part of the Equelite academy, led by Juan Carlos Ferrero and with outstanding talents such as Carlos Alcaraz (no. 1 in the ATP ranking) or Pablo Carreño. With these talks, OVB maintains its commitment to financial education, and it also does so with the youngest.

As the basis of the agreement reached between OVB Spain and elite tennis academy of Juan Carlos Ferrero (Equelite), the main objective is precisely to brinh basic financial knowledge tobthe youngest. In this context OVB Spain financial consultants Josué Vizcaíno and Jesús Sánchez held workshops focused on planning a solvent and profitable financial future. In them, the importance of financial planning in the world of professional sports and especially in the world of tennis was deepened, both daring the professional stage, where you always have to have capital planned before stages of less income (bad seasons) or long injuries, as in the important stage at the end of the career, where accustomed to a level of income, there will no longer be the possibility of generatingit with sports activity.

The financial education talks also addressed the importance of planning very well the expenses that the worl of tennis has since they begin yo train ti be professionals, until they manage to become one and have sufficient income (we wre talking avout an average perifoed of 8-10 years) whete the expenses between training (stay) and tournaments (fee, travel, etc) usuall exceed 80,000 euro/dollars per year. Many kids, even thoug they have a great level have to drop out of school, because theirparents cannot bear the expenses for so long.

With the older talents, the talks was about to the amount of money they believe they will need when they retire, from the age of approximately 35, were deepened, emphasizing the importance of creating wealth from the earliest possible age.

Among the players who attended the OVB talks were some of the most promising youngsters, such as Emilio Nava (North American of Mexican origin), 20 years old, current 170 in the world, with forecasts of entering the top 100 in 2023, and Ulises Blanch, 24 years old (American of Spanish father), current 240 in the world, also with good evolution forecasts.

An inspiring meeting where the good atmosphere, empathy and interest of all its attendees reigned.