Pablo defeated Alex De Minaur in the final by 7/6 and 6/1 after an exciting game and became the first champion of the tournament

Pablo Andújar shows that he is back. After entering the final table thanks to a WC by the organization, has proclaimed champion of the first edition of the Ferrero Challenger Open.

The chances of wining at the final was very even. Alex De Minaur throughout the week has demonstrated a great performances and moved up to the final by defeating Marcel Granollers and Roberto Carballés. On the other hand, Pablo has reached the final by imposing his technique and strong play against very challenging opponents. Bot players had very solid and unshakable determination to win the title from the very beginning.

In fact, the final started with Alex who was intractable in the first games of the match leading by 3-0 and forcing break points. But Pablo improved his play and cached up by winning the games using his experience to make better decisions at the critical moments. A set full of ups and downs for both players was finally won by Pablo with the score 7/6(5)

In the second set, Alex being defeated and drained from the first set, could not fight Pablos great demonstration of strength and solidity, and after a doublé break, Pablo managed to win the second set by score of 6/1.

Thus, Pablo Andújar manages to claime another title (his last title was won in Gstaad 2014) thanks to a high level tennis that all the spectators have been able to enjoy during the week.

Last but not least, we thank all the sponsors and collaborators who made the tournament possible, and making a resounding success.