Petit-competition is a specific and personalized plan for under 12-years-old tennis players, who are interested in keep improving their skills and have fun while they are training during the winter.

Program description /  Petit-Competition UNDER12

Petit-competition under12 has a specific schedule for the kids to play tennis, meanwhile they are doing a personalized training in a high competition academy, with the focus remaining on the guidelines to the match and the different tennis styles.

Furthermore, a rural hotel located in the academy, is available for the parents who want to be near to their kids during their stay.

The program lasts from September to May (included) and it follows a specific schedule, throughout the players can work in an interactive way such as: tennis strategies, healthy habits or psychology and fitness training according to the level and age of each player.

Additional information

  1.  Training personalized (morning and afternoon sessions).
  2. Accommodation in the academy,  where some of our coaching staff, players or even Juan Carlos Ferrero and Antonio Cascales live to keep the family atmosphere around the place.
  3. Special prices for parents.
  4. Full boarding with 5 meals a day. The menu is made by our fitness trainers and our nutritionist in order to offer a complete and healthy diet (mediterranean, oriental and international dishes).
  5. Gifts and photographs with the most famous players as Pablo Carreño, Nicola Kuhn or Juan Carlos Ferrero.
  6. Free use of all the facilitie.
  7. Review of the week.
  • Laundry service.
  • Stringing.
  • Extra private lessons.
  • Private language lessons .
From Monday to Friday:
09.15 Warming up
09.30 Tennis practice (half on court)
11.00 Sport psychology
11.30 Midmorning snack
12.00 Fitness
13.00 Shower
13.30 Lunch and rest
16.00 Tennis / match
17.30 Afternoon snack
18.00 Language lessons (optional)
19.30 Dinner
09.15 Warming up
09.30 Match with a player
11.00 Midmorning snack
11.15 Analysis of the match
11.45 Fitness training
12.45 Conclusion of the week

Weekly fee

  • € 1.260
    Petit competition program
  • € 1.687
    Petit competition program + Accomodation (special price) for 1 parent
  • € 1.830
    Petit competition program + Accomodation (special price) for parents

15% off for groups training

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