JC Ferrero Equelite provides our customers with the services they required while maintaining the highest level of professionalism, care, quality and evidence based approach to treatment. Our team of physiotherapists Juanjo Moreno and Sergio Hernández, will ensure you are treated with the best evidence based proven treatments.

Latest tecnhology treatments

The manual techniques are assisted by trend setting tools, such as INDIBA ACTIV, ELECTRO-ACUPUNCTURE, etc)


Session INDIBA 50/55 minutes………… 50€
Session INDIBA 25/30 minutes…………….. 30€

Some of the treatments we offer

Spine pathologies
Hernia and protusions
Sciatic nerve
Administrative syndrome
Lumbago and back pain
Muscle contraction
Sprain and knee ligaments
Muscular breakdowns
Hip injuries

Treatments since €35

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