The best players of the Summer Stage 2018 enjoyed a weekend of tennis in our facilities.

During last weekend, our facilities of JC Ferrero – Equelite have hosted a meeting of young players and children who have enjoyed training and different talks.

In this gathering were several annual players of the academy and a large part of the best players of last summer, all of them invited by the academy. The level of all the players has been very high and there was a high competitiveness between them.

The court sessions were directed by Carmelo Alventosa (director of the Summer Stage), Samuel López (coach of Pablo Carreño), Fran Martínez (coach JC Ferrero – Equelite and who has worked with Nicolás Kuhn and Roberto Carballés) and José Manuel Madrona (sport director JC Ferrero – Equelite). Matches were organized by levels, all of them with a high level.

In addition, several talks were organized, first with Fran Martínez during the morning and with Antonio Martínez Cascales in the afternoon, where all the players could enjoy and learn from them.

Undoubtedly, it has been a great prize for the best players of the last Summer Stage who could enjoy this experience and learn with our team.