Our educational offer consists of different programmes both national and international, under the supervision of our teaching staff, bilingual and specialised in all the subjects we offer. 

Plan in Spanish:

The national plan is run by the Spanish Ministry of Education and offers a flexible regulated education by CIDEAD, where the students receive personal tuition from our teaching team. 

Plan in English:

The international plan, run by Pearson-Edexcel, offers a British education for international schools. Edexcel qualifications are world-class academic and general qualifications from Pearson, including International GCSEs and International A-Levels.


Since the groups are small in number, the teacher is able to deal with the specific needs of each student on a more personal basis. All of the students live and train together so the family atmosphere is real. Besides, our teachers are in constant communication with the students 24/7.


A normal school day goes from 8:00 to 9:30 am, and from 19:00 to 21:00 pm

It may vary depending on the student needs, tournaments etc.

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Our school is in the same academy so the students do not have to go out every day, they live, train and study in the same area, making their days more comfortable. This creates a perfect family environment with huge flexibility.


For those students who want to continue their studies in the United States, we help them to obtain a scholarship that allows combining tennis and education. 

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For the students who are in the Under 14 and Under 12 program, we offer the possibility of attending to a school nearby called La Encarnación, and create a personal tuition both in tennis and school.

The plan allows the smallest, to progressively adapt themselves to a new system. 


This plan is designed to provide personal tuition for those students who come to the academy and continue studying with their schools but online. We have worked with different online schools such as the Americans Laurel Spring school and University of Nebraska High School, or the Italian Liceo Scientifico sportive Enrico Fermi. 


Apart from the regular lessons, we offer private language lessons in different languages

as Spanish, English, French, Russian or Arabic.