Take part of one of the best academies for young professional players. Chose how long time you want to train with us (trainings by days, weeks or months). A specialize training to improve the whole year.

Program description

During the year, we offer the possibility that players from all over the world come to the academy and take part in the annual program but in shorter periods. So, they can perform an intense practice to face a tournament, on a specific surface and develop their preseason.

The training plan is developed by our team, composed of trainers, physical trainers, physiotherapists, doctors, psychologists, etc., qualified by the most prestigious organizations in the world and with many years of experience; and led by Juan Carlos Ferrero and Antonio Martínez Cascales. Both of them, as well as part of the staff, live in the academy, with the aim of maintaining the existing family atmosphere since its inception.

The academy is adapted to the needs of the player by offering the training model of their choice and the same as those of the likes of Pablo Carreño, and it has the Playsight technological system. The most innovative and complete tool in terms of track training with which all GrandSlam counts: game analysis, training by objectives, ranking …

Additional information

The training schedule varies depending on the time of the season in which the player comes, but the day is always divided into two shifts in the morning and two in the afternoon, usually one of tennis and one of physical preparation but always introducing mental work and, if necessary, physiotherapy and injury prevention:

8.00 Breakfast
9.15 Heating
9.30 Training
11.25 Break
11.35 Training
13.30 Cleanliness and rest
14.00 Lunch
16.00 Training
17.30 Break
17.40 Training
19.10 Stretches
19.30 Toilet and rest
20.00 Dinner
23.00 Silence

LOW SEASON (from September to May)
HIGH SEASON (from June to August)

For private trainings, hire our facilities, external (not staying with us) by days, or any other tailor-made budget contact us in tenis@equelite.com or call at (+34)965 340 013.

• Trainings: fitness, tactical, technical and mental

• Accommodation at the campus of the Academy, where also live part of our staff: coaches, employees….Juan Carlos Ferrero and Antonio M. Cascales

• Full boarding with 5 meals a day

• Free use of our facilities

• Injury treatments at our physiotherapy clinic.

• Accidents insurance

• Coaching in competitions

• Wi-Fi connection all over the academy

  • Tournaments expenses
  • Laundry
  • Stringing

Other programs

Competition variables


ATP and WTA players can come too our academy with their coach to use our facilities and get ready for any tournaments they like. As we are providing Clay, Hard, Indoor and Grass surfaces. Moreover, they would be able to support their trainings with hitting partners.
We offer the rental of our facilities to younger players with their coaches as well.

Private Training

Although the competition program is highly personalized, the academy offers the possibility of guarantee the training 1to1 between player and coach. Ask for our private lessons.


We prepare players for a new season from the month of November/ December (each player will have it’s own planning). We offer fitness practices, mental training, motivation practices, etc.

Specific preparation for tournaments

Enjoy the competition program to prepare tournaments in a specific surface, highlighting the order of game, the tactic, the percentage and competitiveness, etc. We also give you the possibility of enrolling in circuits using our facilities to prepare these tournaments. The clearest example is the possibility of doing a tour of ITF tournaments which will finish in the only ITF-G1 in Spain which take place at our facilities.

Hiring Our Facilities

You can use our facilities (in a unique environment) with the objective of training and improve with your own coaches. 

Specific Programmes for Groups and Families

The academy has weekly plans during the year to allow families and groups enjoying the experience of training as a professional tennis player and together with a number 1. We will adapt to the needs of the group: children, adults, families or companies. They will be able to get lessons with our staff or just use our facilities, train in a specific surface, in a specific timetable or even do other activities such as paddle, football or golf.


TERMS & CONDITIONS (Weekly, Monthly, adults, stage program)

Cancellation & Refund Policy

The registration will be confirmed once the registration form has been signed and 25% of the course fee have been paid. Bills must be paid 15 days before the beginning of the program. Refund Policy:

  • If the cancellation was made 4 weeks before the start of the program 100% of the payment will be returned back.
  • If the cancellation was made 15 days before the start of the program 75% of the payment will be returned back.
  • If the cancellation was made 15 days before leaving the academy, no refund will be made (regardless of the cause, illness included).

The player has the rights to use the sum that was not used during the year.
Any changes that were made in the program will be explained regarding the registration process.

  • Annual Competition
  • Short-Stay Competition
  • Summer Stage
  • Group program
  • Adult program
  • Tennis and paddle School
  • Extra activities
General Information
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