Additional information:

Tennis, fitness and mental training

  • Accommodation at the campus of the Academy where part of the staff lives as well as Juan Carlos Ferrero and Antonio M. Cascales
  • WiFi conection
  • Full boarding (5 meals)
  • Physiotherapy for injuries
  • Free use of all the facilites
  • Accident insurance
  • Competition coaching and tournament coordination
  • Laundry
  • Tournament expenses
  • Stringing

The training schedule can suffer some variations depending on the season. The day is always divided by two turns in the morning and other two in the afternoon, normally one of tennis and one of fitness, introducing always the mental work and if necessary the physiotherapist service

  • 8.00 Breakfast
  • 9.30 Training
  • 11.20 Break
  • 11.30 Training
  • 13.30 Rest
  • 14.00 Lunch
  • 16.00 Training
  • 17.30 Break
  • 17.40 Training
  • 19.30 Rest
  • 20.00: Dinner
  • 23.00 Quiet hour

The economic regulation regarding the tournaments is stated in this link.

Registration steps:

To book your place, you should fill the form and make a payment of 25% of the total amount of the plan. The remaining amount should be paid at least 15 days before the start of the program.

Cancellation policy:

• If the cancellation is submitted 4 weeks before the start of the program, 100% will be refunded

• If the cancellation is submitted at least 15 days before the start of the program, 75% of the paid amount will be refunded

•If the cancellation is submitted with less than 15 days, no money will be refunded, as well as if the player quits the program once it has started (no matter the reason). The player will have the opportunity to get a credit note to spend within a year. In case the program has special circumstances, they will be specified in the description.

Weekly fees:

  Weekly Prices
1 Week 1.620€
2 Weeks 2.925€
3 Weeks 4.155€
4 Weeks 5.235€
5 Weeks 6.160€
6 Weeks 6.930€

Description of the program

During the year, we offer the possibility that players from all over the world come to the academy and take part of the annual program but in shorter periods. Thus, they can perform an intense practice to face a tournament, on a specific surface and develop their pre-season.

The training plan is developed by our high-qualified coaching team (tennis coaches, fitness coaches, physiotherapists, doctors, psycologists, ets) all of them headed by Juan Carlos Ferrero and Antonio Martinez Cascales themselves. Both, same as part of the staff, live in the academy something that creates a familiar environment.

The academy adapts itself to the needs of the players by offering a way of training that help them to maximize their game. Tennis coaching are accompanied by comprehensive training based on different values such as hard work, discipline, humility, tolerance, respect, organisation and commitment.



An ATP or WTA player can come to the academy with his/her own coach to practice in our courts and be supported by the Team Equelite as sparring. We are awarded with the category I from the ATP and WTA.

Tailor-made training

Carry out the training for your next tournament tour in a determined surface, with our team or your own coaches. Maximize your strengths, your tactic, percentage, competitivity, etc. As an example, we offer the possibility of preparing the ITF Junior in Europe, as G-1 held in the academy or Roland Garros 


External players can prepare their next season in our facilites. The program is personalised and tailored to the characteristics of each player, working on the thecnique, motivation, mental work and pshysical conditions.

Family and group program

We have different weekly programs for groups or families where will be able to train together with a World no.1. We adapt ourselves to the needs of the group: either kids, adults, families or companies. They can use our facilites and not only play tennis but also padel, football or volley.


Hiring our facilities

Use of our facilities to train and maximize your strengths with your own coaches in the perfect environment to live tennis.