The Nuez Social Project aims to support the most needy sectors


The Ferrero Challenger Open that will be held during the first week of April 2019 is once again involved with the most needy sectors and through the Nuez Social Project shows again its support for social projects.

Through the Juan Carlos Ferrero Foundation and within the framework of the organization of the Ferrero Challenger Open (the most important ATP tennis tournament in the Valencian Community), we turn to NUEZ CHALLENGES to request help to continue its work towards socially needy sectors, while promoting sports practice through the promotion of sporting events. With the funds raised, various associations supporting disadvantaged groups will be subsidized: people with mental disabilities, reduced mobility and people at risk of social exclusion.

The Juan Carlos Ferrero Fundation is created by the former tennis player and world No1 in 2003 Juan Carlos Ferrero in order to use his image to improve the situation of the disadvantaged and in turn encourage tennis. He has carried out activities to support important national and international associations; UNICEF, SEFQ, APADIS, AMIF, AFEPVI, COCEMFE… All the fundraising achieved through this challenge will be entirely destined for associations for these purposes.

To support this challenge, all you have to do is vote in the link: Each vote involves requesting a fictitious budget for insurance (home, car or motorbike) in which you will have to provide personal information that will not be used for promotional purposes and does not require a subsequent purchase of insurance. It is a simple way to help the most needy sectors.