What is the SVTA Method?

It’s a training method specialized in the inclusion of the sensorial work in order to strengthen the performance in the trainings.

JC Ferrero Equelite is the only academy (at the moment) in Spain that has trained with this method to apply it in its trainings.

  • SVTA method is searching an improvement of the visual skills in the trainings. In that way, the academy seeks to ensure that its players improve the visual anticipation, the action and reaction and the perception of space and time.

  • The movement depends on the vision and on how we process the impulses at a game: over 80% of the information we receive pass through the visual sense, so it is important to include this sense in the training routines.

  • The vision can be developed in order to reduce the reaction times and boost an immediate and greater efficacy response.

  • Visual training: less reaction time, more coordination and better interpretation of the game every moment.

  • Powerful: visual skills, cognitive, balance, space-time management, coordination.

“One of the fields that have evolved the most, has been the sensorial integration, especially the visual training”

Juan Carlos Ferrero


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