Technical Staff

Juan Carlos Ferrero
Juan Carlos FerreroGeneral Manager
Number 1 ATP 2003
Roland Garros winner 2003
Winner of 4 Master 1000
Davis Cup winner 3
Antonio Martínez Cascales
Antonio Martínez CascalesFounding President of JC Ferrero-Equelite
First Vice-President of the RFET
Juan Carlos Ferrero Coach
ATP Coach
Samuel López
Samuel LópezSports Manager
Co-founder of JC Ferrero-Equelite
ATP Coach Pablo Carreño

The coaching staff is entitled by the most prestigious global organizations and has many years of experience.


Carmelo Alventosa
Carmelo AlventosaDirector Tennis School
José Ezequiel Lidó
José Ezequiel LidóSports Director
Francisco Martínez
Francisco MartínezRoberto Carballés Coach
Óscar Soria
Óscar Soria
César Fábregas
César FábregasPablo Carreño Coach
Miguel Fragoso
Miguel Fragoso
Juan Carlos Ovando
Juan Carlos Ovando
Fran Penalva
Fran Penalva
Javier García
Javier García
Estela García
Estela García
Adrián Martínez
Adrián MartínezDirector Paddle School

Physical trainers, physiotherapist and sports psychologist

Juan José Moreno
Juan José MorenoPhysiotherapist
José Luis Molina
José Luis MolinaPhysical trainer
Alberto Lledó
Alberto LledóPhysical trainer
Nestor Marco
Nestor MarcoSports psychologist