From our school, we want to transmit the passion for tennis starting from the base. The objective is to respond to the different motivations and concerns of the pupils according to the recreational and competitive aspects.


We want to promote the tennis school of the academy to create a pool of young players and improve the program of activities that is aimed for the social tennis. We train people and pupils and we promote in them values such as effort, eagerness, fellowship, respect for people and rules, and as well a good behavior during training and competitions.

Passion for tennis.

The school aims to integrate the players in the social environment by using the sport and optimizing their sports performance in a global way. All this is done through a healthy and funny activity such as tennis, linking the players to the school and the academy life.

Our tennis school is designed to train both; amateur players and players with a good level of tennis who want to improve it. For this reason, we offer programs of different levels with a progressive system that make the pupils learn and improve in an efficient way, according to their needs.

Make the Academy your usual leisure area

Feel yourself part of our family 

Enjoy our tennis school for more than 9 months a year

  • Advantage

  • Possibility to choose individual lessons.
  • Discount on bookings courts.
  • 10% discount on treatments in our physioterapy service.
  • Locker rooms, cafe / restaurant, WIFI, etc.
  • Dates

Beginning: Monday September 14.
Closing: Saturday June 25
Summer Program: July and August

* Rainy days: if you can not perform other (physical, psychological) training, will recover throughout the year.

  • Levels

We offer classes for all ages, from beginners to competition.

  • Initiation tennis.
  • Improvement.
  • Competition.
  • Timetable

As levels, we are committed to finding a schedule that fits your needs.

There is maximum availability by coaches, giving preference to students from pretennis (3 to 6 years old) on Saturday and Sunday mornings, and adults in the afternoon evening on weekdays.


MINI-TENIS1 h./1 day each week30 €/month
1 h./2 days each week42 €/month
SCHOOL AND COMPETITION1 h./1 day each week30 €/month
1 h./2 days each week44 €/month
1,5 h./days each week75 €/month
1,5 h./3 days each week110 €/month
1,5 h./4 days each week  + Physic160 €/month
ADULT SCHOOL GROUPS1 h./1 day each week35 €/month
1 h./2 days each week56 €/month
1 h./3 days each week75 €/month
Special discounts: 5% discount if more than one member comes from the same family.


Do not hesitate to contact us for any questions that may arise. See what you need with the director of the tennis school calling +34 96 534 0013 or sending an email to

Payment method: Bank transfer is the only method to pay. Cash payment is not allowed at the academy.

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