We are pleased to announce our agreement with Equelite Sport Academy, one of the most prestigious tennis and padel schools in the world. Through this, we have brought convenience, modernity, and more security to the lives of Equelite students and staff by installing our award-winning Linus® Smart Lock on campus.

Equelite is located in Alicante (Spain) and is one of the most famous tennis academies in Europe. Its founder, Antonio Martínez Cascales, was the coach of former world tennis number one Juan Carlos Ferrero and now coach of Carlitos Alcaraz (number 6 ATP), the new star of Spanish tennis. The center offers training for coaches and classes in tennis and padel, a sport that is arousing enormous interest in recent years. Equelite is not just an academy with training and accommodation facilities for its students and staff. It also hosts tournaments, shows and events throughout the year, and also has a rural hotel and a restaurant open to the public.

As part of the agreement with this prestigious sports academy, we have installed 23 Linus® Smart Locks on campus in their new rooms, in addition to those they already had. Bringing another level of operational simplicity and comfort to the lives of all the people who make up Equelite. Thus, it is easier to access all the facilities, protection is increased and day-to-day life is made easier.

Referring to the agreement, Juan Carlos Ferrero, 2003 Roland Garros winner and coach at the academy, stated, “The issue of security and easy access was very important to us at the school. That is why we value different solutions and we opted for Yale’s Linus® Smart Lock. It is very comfortable. Kids don’t need keys and it opens on its own, so when they’re carrying bags or rackets, they can easily get into any room. It was an easy decision to make when it came to academy safety, because with Yale we are trusting the best.”

The deal in practice

With this agreement, Yale contributes so that the stars of the future of tennis and padel who are trained daily at the Academy, as do Carlos Alcaraz (current number 6 in the ATP), Pablo Carreño (Olympic medalist and best ranking 10 ATP ) in tennis, and Sanyo Gutiérrez (No. 1 in Padel in 2018) or Agustín Gutiérrez (Top40 in the World Padel Tour ranking) in padel. They can focus on their preparation while we take care of their safety.

Linus® is a modern solution for a modern academy that has brought about a considerable change in Equelite’s day-to-day. Its self-locking feature has eliminated the need for physical keys. Thus, students can focus on their technique and training without worrying about their room key or not being able to enter the facilities.

Linus® also helps ensure the safety of students’ personal belongings. With it, the door to your room opens automatically when it detects the presence of your mobile phone, and locks automatically when you leave. And if the door hasn’t been locked for any reason, Linus® will send them a notification to let them know. This helps the academy to reinforce security and ensure that students have comfortable and safe facilities while they train and study.

The introduction of Linus® has transformed the administrative and operational aspects of the center. Juan Carlos Ferrero already knows and personally enjoys all the modern features that the smart lock offers. Linus® helps staff make their busy schedule easier by allowing you to grant trusted employees virtual access keys to your premises. This way they can collect important documents, equipment or lesson plans you need if you are busy with training sessions, meetings or any other activity typical of running an elite sports academy.

“We are excited about this agreement with Yale,” said Iñaki Etxegia, director of Equelite. “As a leading brand in home security, we’re proud to help shape the lives of tomorrow’s tennis stars. By bringing them a smart lock that brings together 181 years of experience and innovation, we’re telling students and staff alike that they’ll always be safe and secure. protected”.

This success story is a great example of how Linus® can help improve the day-to-day of any business and alleviate some of the worries and pressures of our busy lives. Thanks to him, we have established a great working relationship with Equelite. We hope to continue collaborating with the academy in the future.