Tennis, tennis and more tennis is pretty much what you would expect from this tennis academy. Millions of balls being hit as high-quality coaches bark instructions and children extend their limits. However, for more than 25 years the Juan Carlos Ferrero Tennis Academy has given a new meaning to the sport. This is not just a factory that produces top players like Pablo Carreno or Carlos Alcaraz, nor is it a business trying to make a large income. No. It is a home and like every successful household there are rules, disciplines, a tight network of family and an urge for perfection and excellence.

There are many different tennis academies in the world, so what makes this one different? Why should one choose to come to the Equelite academy in the small town of Villena?


Here you have got the answer:


  1. Family

The term “Equelite Family” is used to describe the bond shown by the employees, players and coaches but it goes further than just an adjective. The founder, Antonio Martinez Cascales, coach of the ex-number 1 in the world,Juan Carlos Ferrero, has invested his life into making the academy the success it is today. He lives on the campus and will constantly be seen walking around giving his expertise to various players. Family is also one of his personal values as multiple members of his blood family are also important assets that contribute to the thriving academy that stands today. There are many other examples of husbands and wives, mothers and daughters, nieces and nephews working alongside each one , which highlights the emphasis of family.


It doesn’t just stop there. From the cleaners, to the maintenance staff, to the fitness coaches and the players, , everyone is treated with respect and as a member of the family. When one person is down, there is always someone to count on to save the day. Sick? There is someone to take you

food or to the doctor. Sad? There is someone ready to give you a hug and make you smile. Need to go to the town? Someone will be more than willing to go with you or help with a lift.

It doesn’t take much for the family spirit to be noticed. All it takes is a walk around the campus and a blend of laughter, smiles, intensity and sweating draws you in like a magnet and leaves you wanting to see and experience more.


  1. The facilities

All great academies have the basic facilities like physios, nutritionists, gyms, running tracks, swimming pools, restaurants, courts and rooms that make up a tennis academy. Equelite Academy offered too all that, but that’s not what makes it unique from other places. Equelite offers more. Disconnection, happiness and loving what you do are some important factors to becoming a professional because the road to success is not easy. 

 Rest is also a huge component to an athlete’s life , which is why the players lounge that contains a pool table and a video game section has been made for. Players of various  ages and cultures learn to integrate and have fun together, showing the first point of family.

Almost all facilities embrace a team spirit and teach one of the main keys of life… dealing and working with all kinds of people.

Also, the location of the academy can leave people in awe. It really is a diamond in the rough, as it lies amongst plantations. So, the fact that it’s not near a lot of buildings or cities, the sunsets and stars at night are illuminated. This really takes your breath away. The combination of nature, people, activity and mental detachment is something the academy has mastered, in terms of its facilities and location.


  1. The Aspirational Team

A large reason why Equelite Tennis academy has produced the players it has, is because of the knowledge and expertise that lies within its fences. Every piece of information needed to

become one of the greatest tennis players in the world comes from a group of highly skilled

employees. This team is led by Juan Carlos Ferrero himself who also lives at the academy with his family and despite starting at the academy as a young player is nowadays the main owner of it. Although Juan Carlos, ex- pro and current ATP coach of the year, invests a lot of time in Carlos Alcaraz , he spends countless hours talking and teaching the other coaches and also keeps up with the tournament results of every player in the academy, no matter what level of competition it is . His work philosophy is the same of Cascales and they develop it further. The personal relationship each player has with their coach should definitely be recognized, with fixed 1 on 1 meetings before and after each match they play to discuss the goals for that day, as well as daily interaction

Now the main resources available , like the fitness coaches, physios, psychologists etc. are what draws people to the academy but it’s the small details that makes the Academy special and different from the rest…the attention to details. All is taken into account: annual blood tests, appointments with the podiatrist (foot doctor), trips to the doctor or hospital (effort tests, MRIs…), language lessons and school, tournament organization, Visas, family dramas (Yes, this is managed too), etc. Anything you could possibly think of, they are there to help. These are things that     not many places have to offer.


To conclude, These are many reasons to go to a tennis academy. Equelite offers 3 major reasons more, which make Equelite Academy truly special. It might not be as grand   as other larger and newer places, but it keeps people grounded. Every player is taught to be humble and appreciate the small things in life because this academy isn’t just a place to perfect  your shots. No. It’s a place to grow as a human being. So, to end off, the Juan Carlos Ferrero

Tennis Academy is the home of players for more than 20 different nationalities and its staff. If these points haven’t convinced you yet then the delightful Spanish weather , delicious Spanish food and friendly Spanish culture that the academy resembles should do the trick. We hope to see you soon. Our gates are open.


Written by Anna Wise, equeliteplayer